Nature suffering

The need to nurture the planet is greater than ever. Rapacious deforestation and land clearance has pushed the biosphere to the point of collapse. The corporate method of ‘business as usual’ is unsustainable and perilously destructive.

While it may make cost-effective ‘business sense’ to pay $multi-million criminal fines rather than protect the environment the stark fact remains this MO is destroying the planets life-support systems.

How comfortable do you feel with this situation? It doesn’t take rocket-science to see humanity faces lethal consequences as a direct result of allowing such madness to continue.

Disclosure will compel the release of non-polluting energy systems illegally and immorally withheld from the public domain. This can only be accomplished through your direct personal involvement!

If you care for the well-being and future of our planet please become involved.

Top natural methods to increase your penile size

Have you ever felt depressed, affected by fatigue and you wanted to improve your sexual life? Every man wants to add some inches to his manhood, believing it will boost his confidence. The larger the penis the more nerve endings will be stimulated in the vagina, ensuring great sensations in bed for both of you and your partner.

Top natural methods to increase penile size

Not all men just dream about having and enlarged penile. Many of them will try to pursue their desire and follow a male enhancement method to increase penis size naturally. Pro-Enhance offers a natural way to achieve that. Formulated as patches enriched with herbal extracts, this product will succeed to boost your manhood to Boss level.

How can you achieve the male enhancement desired through natural methods?

There are many ways to enhance your sex drive and increase penis size naturally. The first thing you should do is stop taking chemically modified products claiming to treat impotence, as they are likely to cause serious undesired side effects. Natural enlargement can be achieved through maintaining a good blood circulation which in return will improve your erection.

Firstly, you have to improve your lifestyle behavior and run or practice jogging for half an hour daily. Stay away from stress, as it will disturb your circulatory system and depresses your sexual performance. You might use the other Pro-Enhance products along your exercises and stretch your penile to accomplish the results aimed.

Secondly, eating a healthy diet plays an important role for our overall well-being. Foods such as onion, pepper, garlic, bananas, lean meat regulate the circulatory system and reduce stress, encouraging erections and providing a higher libido to the consumers. Taken along Pro-Enhance, these foods rich in minerals and vitamins will ensure you a satisfying sex life.

Pro-Enhance is one of the safest male enlargement options on the market. This system consists of natural ingredients that harden the erection, improve relaxation, pump more blood in the manhood and stimulate natural penis growth. Because it is not chemically modified, the product is less likely to cause unpleasant side effects.

How does Pro-Enhance increase penis size?  

Do you seek for a safer method to improve your manhood? Instead of undergoing surgery or taking pills such as Viagra and Cialis, you should use pro-enhance.net system. This treatment comes in the formula of natural patches and it is certainly the secret answer for your happiness, incredible erections and longer lasting orgasms. An experienced team of scientists worked on this formula which is also FDA regulated under strict GMP protocols. The results are permanent and more than 90% of consumers were satisfied with the benefits achieved.

One patch contains Ginseng extract, He Shou Wu, Damiana and Saw Palmetto extract. These ingredients will stimulate more blood flow into your penis, strengthening the erections and boosting the endurance in bed. Moreover, Pro-Enhance works as an aphrodisiac agent which increases testosterone production and elevates the libido.

With Pro-Enhance your mojo, stamina and erection will be promoted to a whole new level. A patch can last for about 3 days as it delivers slowly the active compounds into your bloodstream. Another key thing to remember is that the patches come with an Erection System program for bigger penis.

Apart from enlarging the size of your manhood, Pro-Enhance will also treat sexual impotence and ensure longer-lasting erections together with enhanced desire for sex. Think about your partner’s satisfaction and how to create unforgettable moments in bed! Apply the patch on your skin, forget about it and imagine how great your life will be after using Pro-Enhance!

Strengthen immune system with IntraCal

Our body’s existence and evolution can be resumed to simple interactions between chemicals. Our bone structure, our digestive system, our overall health and energy levels are all dependent on the right amount of enzymes and vitamins in our organism. The lack of one of these ingredients can affect our well-being and lead to serious illnesses in the long term.

Calcium is one of the most important chemical elements in our bodies, which guarantees that we benefit from both physical and mental stability. The lack or deficiency of this mineral may lead to hypocalcaemia. This condition results in bone deterioration, tooth decay and fragile nails. More than that, mental instability can also take hold of the sufferer through severe insomnia, depression and lack of energy. With the help of dietary supplements, such as IntraCal, you can keep all these conditions at bay and live a normal life backed by a healthy immune system.

Who should take IntraCal?

intracal-1Calcium is needed by all people, no matter how old they are or what their physical condition is. For children and individuals under 25, this chemical helps the strengthening of bones, teeth and muscles. IntraCal is, therefore, a crucial supplement that will maintain a healthy and stable evolution of their bodies. For people over the age of 30 and older, calcium is important for the cardiovascular system and for the health problems generated by an ageing body.

As people get older, their organism finds it harder and harder to assimilate calcium from natural sources like dairy, fruits and vegetables. As a result, they are more prone to developing heart illnesses, brain tumors and dental problems. With IntraCal, they can not only guard themselves from these conditions, but they can also prolong their life expectancy.

How vulnerable is our immune system?

Our health is maintained by the millions of bacteria and antibodies that produce chemical reactions at a speedy rate to fight off any intrusive viruses. Calcium deficiency is one of the major causes why we get sick, and it can only be repaired with the right supplement intake. This condition may be the result of our diet, our weight and even our life style. People who do not eat enough dairy products and fresh produce, or who are suffering from obesity are more prone to bone fractures, hypertension and the occasional flu.

However, even if you maintain an active life, you practice sports and eat healthy you will still need a calcium supplement. The body can only produce around 44% of the daily needed dose based on a normal diet and an energetic life style. Therefore, in order to benefit from a strong, reliable immune system you need to include IntraCal in your daily vitamin intake.

You can witness the beneficial effects of IntraCal on a daily basis from the first day of use. Very soon, you will experience high energy levels, a better coordination in your muscles and a higher resistance to getting sick. Also, in the long run you will be able to enjoy life without suffering from the usual health issues that affect ageing people.

Learn from David Azzato how to monetize your website

Without any doubts, e-commerce is the best mobile monetization strategy. Yet not all businessmen are aware of how to implement e-commerce and obtain maximum profit from their online business. Apart from the fact that you can reap benefits from subscription or memberships and by selling digital products such as courses and e-books, you can also earn from podcasts and turn the website traffic into cash. Here are some of David Azzato’s recommendations for beginners.

David Azzato’s guidelines

Webinars and podcasts are a popular way to make money these days. David Azzato already implemented these strategies in his websites and he can assure any manager that these methods work. Webinars are live-streamed videos that can contain an interview, tutorial or screencasts that will attract your customers and keep them on your page long enough to get their interest. If you manage to convince them to purchase your product or services, chances are they will become your loyal customers.

Because recurring income is one of the most amazing benefits of e-commerce, everyone wants it. David Azzato recommends memberships and subscriptions to those who want to ensure the loyalty of their clients. Offer premium products, content and services among online communities, provide them free videos and tutorials and keep your website updated regularly. Allow your clients to comment on a forum software and you will win their hearts.

Have you considered packing essential information and selling it in an e-book? David Azzato advices those who want to monetize their website to create a tutorial or other form of digital product. If it will contain significant details regarding your products in a downloadable form and your potential customers are likely to enjoy it.

Innovative ways to monetize your website

Invest in banner advertising, Facebook ads and mobile marketing to increase your revenues. E-commerce experts recommend generating as much traffic as possible to improve your chances of making a sale. In addition to this, pay-per-click and ads on other web pages will bring you more visitors on your website and your business is likely to become successful effortlessly.

If you have the possibility to advertise your product via mobile marketing, invest in this strategy. Send messages to your subscribers, promote your goods or services and provide special offers to bond a stronger relationship with your clientele. Consider LBS – Location Based Services – and customize your offer accordingly to your clients’ geographic position. Save time and efforts when getting in touch with your market and measure if the marketing campaign is successful. You will soon learn that you can promote your business without paying a fortune on banners, ads, TV commercials or billboards.

Nowadays, in our tech savvy world, any business manager invests in advertising and affiliate marketing to survive and thrive online. Mobile marketing plays a crucial role, since smartphones are more than a luxury – they became a necessity. Cell phone transmission is a way of life and marketing technology had to evolve. David Azzato is ensured that the business has to be connected with the market. Not only that you will answer your clients in real time, but you will also be successful in monetizing your website. Follow these recommendations and accomplish your highest goals!



In 2004 the Mexican government repealed its secrecy laws handing over previously classified files to bona-fide researchers. In May 2005 the government of Brazil did the same. Retired Canadian Minister for Defense Mr Paul Hellyer publicly admitted the authenticity of the phenomenon and denounced the ongoing cover up and a tragic mistake. He also expressed grave concern at the illegal suppression of information that rightfully belongs in the public domain.

A UN report indicates that since 1947 more than 150 million people have seen a UFO. More than 20,000 sightings are backed up and corroborated by documented landings. (see testimony)

Millions of people all over the world continually and repeatedly see, photograph, video and report these objects that “SOME” governments claim do not exist and mainstream media refuse to factually report. More than 87% of the worlds population believe humanity is not the sole sentient life force throughout the universe. Why then should the USA – UK & Australian governments (a fast growing list of countries now acknowledge the reality of the UFO phenomenon) persist with the wholly untenable nonsense of debunk and denial? Any group or individual now seeking to deny this reality are either too obtuse or too lazy to examine the past five decades of documented and film evidence now confirmed by sworn witness testimony. This debate is over! The challenge now is understanding the nature and purpose. (Dr. Steven Greer) The premise of humanity being the only life force throughout the universe is not just a mistaken belief, it is a carefully orchestrated LIE!

Another documentary DVD is currently under construction here in Western Australia. See details.

All Australian major political party leaders and prominent science journalists have been contacted requesting urgent attention in this matter. All political parties refuse to address the issue and won’t respond. Such refusal is unconstitutional and will be taken up with the parliamentary ombudsman. We urgently request public assistance in compelling a meaningful response? (see letters pages) Australian media censorship has the moral and ethical equivalence of a dictatorship.

Please note it is not our purpose here to catalogue or repeat already available evidence. Links to external sites with comprehensive data are provided.